#NEWS | sendance is starting 2023 with a six-figure #investment!

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently closed a six-figure funding round! With the support of our strong group of investors Croton Capital4u-ventures, SweeNo Invest and business angel Christian Loidl, our company will further #scale.

This milestone brings us a whole step closer to realizing our dream of bringing conformable, soft sensors to as many people as possible. The highly innovative and unique sendance #technology allows orthoses and prostheses wearers to gather real-time information about their fit so that theses can be optimized, and the wearer’s quality of life significantly improved.

With the increased use of 3D printing in orthopedic technology for the production of individual therapeutic aids, our current focus lies on integrating our sensors into the printing process. The additional resources will also allow us to realize larger projects and expand our production capacity.

We are particularly pleased to have put together a #diverse captable of international investors who will provide us with a variety of advice and support and assist our co-founder #team in future decisions with their different expertise and experience.

We say thank you for your #trust and belief in us and look forward to working on sendance’s #success together!