first-aid course

In order to promote safety in our company, our colleagues Daniel, Yadu, Ines, Martina and Thomas attended and successfully completed the 16-hour first aid course at the Red Cross. The course was very instructive for everyone, as the basics of reanimation and first aid were taught, and the fear of insecurity was taken away. 🚑

The following applies to everyone: help in any way, e.g. call an ambulance, calm the injured person down, … definitely don’t ignore the injured or look stupid.

As a reminder – the most important numbers (in Austria) are:

144 – rescue 🚑

133 – police 🚓

122 – fire department 🚒

140 – mountain rescue 🏔

112 – Euro emergency call 🗺

We can definitely recommend the course 🙂

PS: the photo was created for social media content and shows two steps in one picture 1. control breathing and 2. cardiac massage

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