Health Innovation Summit

It was a pleasure to be part of the Health Innovation Summit in Vienna yesterday. Yana Vereshchaga was there for sendance GmbH to gain many impressions about healthcare 😊

The event is organized by Health Hub Vienna, which is the center for health innovation in Austria and serves as a focal point for the health tech community. So it’s no surprise that Yana met Vanessa Leung, Senior Researcher at the Center for Digital Health and Social Innovation at FH St. Pölten, there.

It was an impressive event with many inspiring talks about the future of health care.
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Connect Day 2023

Connect connect connect, that was the motto of yesterday’s Connect Day in Vienna organized by #viennaup23. We were able to present sendance at the Austria Wirtschaftsservice booth. Thank you for that! 🌼

A strong #network is an important basis for a start-up. It offers exchange, support and new input from which fresh ideas and motivation are drawn. Even before the founding of sendance we started to build a network of mentors, coaches and like-minded founders, in the meantime investors, incubators, customers, interested parties and a strong advisory board have joined. This is an ecosystem in which we can pursue our vision of bringing sensor technology into people’s everyday lives as a support, integrating it seamlessly into wearables.

For those who missed the opportunity to meet us at Connect Day, feel free to reach out to us and become part of our network. We look forward to seeing you there! 🧐 👀

The event will run until June 7 with great programming. You can find more information about it at:
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sendance turned 2

And of course there was a little come together at lunchtime with lots of cakes and food to celebrate sendance, our founders and colleagues. We also want to thank our families and friends, who support us in the background.

Congratulations, Daniela, Yana, Robert and Thomas on putting out the birthday candles. 🎂 🎈

Due to our move from the JKU – LIT Open Innovation Center Center were our journey began to our own office building last year, we were able to grow quickly. Meanwhile we are a team of 23 employees. In the lab we are busy producing our sendance-grids. These can be seemlessly integrated into wearables what allows our sendance-grid to capture movement patterns and detect critical pressure in orthotics permanently. Thus, the fit and proper use of orthopedic devices can be checked in every day life and athletes can analyze their movement and performance.

All this would not have been possible without the help of our supporters. Thanks to all supporters on our journey, with special thanks to our investors for enabling us to bring our vision to life: Croton Capital4u-ventures, SweeNo Invest and business angel Christian Loidl, as well as FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbHAustria WirtschaftsserviceEuropean Commission and tech2b Inkubator GmbH. ❤️

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first-aid course

In order to promote safety in our company, our colleagues Daniel, Yadu, Ines, Martina and Thomas attended and successfully completed the 16-hour first aid course at the Red Cross. The course was very instructive for everyone, as the basics of reanimation and first aid were taught, and the fear of insecurity was taken away. 🚑

The following applies to everyone: help in any way, e.g. call an ambulance, calm the injured person down, … definitely don’t ignore the injured or look stupid.

As a reminder – the most important numbers (in Austria) are:

144 – rescue 🚑

133 – police 🚓

122 – fire department 🚒

140 – mountain rescue 🏔

112 – Euro emergency call 🗺

We can definitely recommend the course 🙂

PS: the photo was created for social media content and shows two steps in one picture 1. control breathing and 2. cardiac massage

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Team Event

we #escaped

Yesterday it was time for our first team event this year. After a refreshment at Front Food in Linz, we had to prove our team spirit at the Escape Room. While one group had to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse, the second group traveled back in time and had to figure out how to get back to the present. So much can be revealed – we are all back safely 😎

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Strategy Meeting

#transformation and #flexibility

The future in a start-up is constantly changing and especially with different backgrounds and core competencies, the diverse team of sendance has a lot to discuss. Above all, this requires patience, the ability to take criticism and a good basis for communication. With the help of Georg Schmidinger from tech2b Inkubator GmbH, we worked out our joint road map for near and far goals at our latest strategy meeting. Together, we will continually evaluate our goals and see where we are on our start-up journey. 🗺

 For us, it is a constant further development of our skills, especially our communication skills, which, however, bring us together better and better as a team. 💬

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#NEWS | sendance is starting 2023 with a six-figure #investment!

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently closed a six-figure funding round! With the support of our strong group of investors Croton Capital4u-ventures, SweeNo Invest and business angel Christian Loidl, our company will further #scale.

This milestone brings us a whole step closer to realizing our dream of bringing conformable, soft sensors to as many people as possible. The highly innovative and unique sendance #technology allows orthoses and prostheses wearers to gather real-time information about their fit so that theses can be optimized, and the wearer’s quality of life significantly improved.

With the increased use of 3D printing in orthopedic technology for the production of individual therapeutic aids, our current focus lies on integrating our sensors into the printing process. The additional resources will also allow us to realize larger projects and expand our production capacity.

We are particularly pleased to have put together a #diverse captable of international investors who will provide us with a variety of advice and support and assist our co-founder #team in future decisions with their different expertise and experience.

We say thank you for your #trust and belief in us and look forward to working on sendance’s #success together!

New Employee 💼

October brought many new faces to our office building. One of them is Johannes Selymes. He studied embedded systems design in Hagenberg and therefore also works for us as an embedded software developer. In his free time, he can be found in nature, especially gardening, or meditating and doing Qi Gong 🌱
We look forward to working with you 😊
Johannes Selymes

Business Angel Days 2022

The 14th Business Angel Days took place in Vienna last week. The event enabled us to present our company in a pitch alongside 6 other great start-ups from all over Austria. 😊
We would like to congratulate this year’s winners of the „Business Angels of the Year“: Katharina Schneider and Hermann Futter 🎉
Thank you Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) and akademischen Gründerzentren (AplusB) for the opportunity and the great event 💐