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With the sendance‑testkit, sendance offers the opportunity to make first personal experiences with the sendance‑grid and the sendance‑cloud and to participate in the active development. It is therefore a pre-release version that will be continuously improved.

The sendance‑grid is a soft, compliant and stretchable sensor network that measures pressure distribution in the sendance‑testkit. With a thickness of less than one millimeter, the sensor network can be integrated into a variety of orthopedic applications such as shoe insoles and prosthetic sockets.

The sendance‑cloud identifies sendance‑grids via wireless data connection and allows "live" (real-time) or locally recorded data to be collected and analyzed from them. In addition to multiple options for pressure distribution analysis, the sendance‑cloud also offers specialized gait analysis and much more. Gain experience with sendance solutions and actively help shape them. sendance is grateful for any feedback - gladly also in a personal conversation.

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Last update: February 9, 2023