Our Vision

Our motto is „soft“ electronic closer to life. With this approach we want to design human-centered services for orthopedy and technology solutions and services for gait analytics, veterinary, sports and decubitus monitoring, wound dressings.

An important sector is the disease diabetes. There are more than 60 million people with diabetes in the EU. The problem is that blood sugar that is too high over a long period of time attacks the vessels and nerves, with the result that wounds and injuries are often only noticed very late. This is the problem we are developing a solution for.

We are in the middle of developing our sendance-grid and sendance-cloud.


Our innovative sendance-grid is distinguished above all by

    • soft, stretchable and permeable
    • optimized for customized mass production
    • variety of sensors (force, temperature, pH…)
    • integrated in free-formed surface of soft objects


With our sendance-cloud we establish a connection to the sole so that the sensitive data is securely stored and visualized.