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The fits-in-any-wearable,

sensor grid

Go from design to manufacturing to operating fast.

Baby wearing a sensor-embedded cranial helmet
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Sensors. And design freedom.

You can have both.
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Our patented grids let you integrate sensors in unlikely places: textiles, foam and even 3D-printed materials. Plus, they’re robust enough for daily use: they can be stretched out and withstand high pressure.

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Combine sensor types to get the most data from your wearable. And use our modular cloud to integrate that data into your platform.

Fast time-to-market when you co-create with our sensor experts.

Our background in engineering and science means we like details and are curious by nature. We like to get down to solve problems, whether that’s for a new product or for an academic project.
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The sensor systems you didn’t even know were possible...

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In one grid you can place sensors where you need them and mix different types: temperature, pressure, force, acceleration / angular velocity (IMU) and more.


Our patented grids are just a few millimeters thin to fit in any prototype.


Seamlessly go from design to manufacturing, whether that’s mass personalization, or a small- or large-series run.

sensor grid on insole with person holding up one end to show the grid flexibility
screenshot of 3d visualization of person's feet with heatmap to show pressure distribution
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...with the data that you need ready for easy integration

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Import and adapt your product from CAD and work with us to find the most optimal sensor system design.


Integrate data into your own platform and manage your organization and devices in compliance with medical data regulations.


Get meaningful metrics and data visualizations in real-time, or record to analyze later. And monitor users and devices remotely.

For whom
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Rigorous enough for medical approval. Strong enough for athletes.

Our grid and cloud are great for any application that needs thin, robust, stretchable, multi-functional sensor systems.

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Orthotics and Prosthetics

Objectively see and track movement to discover more than a consultation ever could.

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Sports Tech

Make a wearable athletes would depend on to track performance over time or recovery after an injury.

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Get the data you need for your project.

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In the media

"The USP of sendance lies in the integration of sensors in areas where this was previously not reasonably possible."

Die Macher

“Compared to other products on the market, our sensor technology permanently measures the pressure distribution....You can see where there are actually problems in everyday life."

Alois Pumhösl, der Standard 

“Many hardware parts are currently still produced manually. We now want to scale up and automate the production process step by step.”


You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. On average, customers have a custom design within two weeks of getting in touch.

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