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data tailored to the way you need it

Custom-made data visualization from product development to operation.

screenshot of a 3d visualization of a user's feet showing pressure distribution
Decorative waves used as background image.
Decorative waves used as background image.

No need to develop your own front end

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screenshot of sensor placement in an insole with pressure distribution
screenshot of a heatmap of user's pressure distribution in their feet
screenshot of pressure on sensors

Our cloud is made for easy integration for speedy product development.

Work with our experts to go from optimal sensor placement to getting meaningful metrics.

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CAD Import
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API or frontend integration
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Real-time analytics and recordings
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Data export
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Certified access and data management
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Sensor placement designer
Coming soon
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Uniquely yours
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We provide the data, you provide the brand

No need to push our brand to your end users. Our off-the-shelf branding gives customers access to their data in your environment.

screenshot of a user's feet showing pressure distribution
screenshot of insole in sendance cloud
Smart device, smart design

Create optimal sensor design from CAD-files

Upload your design and use our software to find the optimal sensor grid layout. Coming soon!

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Manageable management

Stay in control of user access

Integrate the data from the sensors into your product platform. Manage organizations, users (or your users’ users) and devices from one central location with a solution that’s ISO-certified.

screenshot of sendance login screen
screenshot of sensor placement on an insole and pressure distribution
Information, in formation.

Visualize meaningful metrics

Optimal data visualizations to easily interpret information. Monitor users and devices remotely in real-time, or see the recordings later.

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Record and analyze your sendance-grid data at up to 60 Hz with pre-built analyses like gait, graph and heatmap views in a web-app.

Grid Designer

Create your own custom sendance-grids: up to 64 sensors of different types (including pressure, temperature, etc.) at custom positions on your 3D-models, and directly adapt your device to accommodate all required grooves, electronics housings, and more. Coming soon.


Self-service your organizations, caregivers, patients, and devices in a separate management UI on the cloud.

Health Storage

Store your sensor, analysis and patient data in a certified secure and scalable cloud-native database system.


Gain AI-powered insights on your devices with automated change recommendations to maximize their effectiveness. Coming soon.


Access Health Storage and further services with a regular REST API and MQTT (coming soon).


ISO 13485,  ISO 27001, ISO 27799, IEC62304, FDA and GDPR compliant.

Fast time-to-market when you co-create with our sensor experts.

Our background in engineering and science means we like details and are curious by nature. We like to get down to solve problems, whether that’s for a new product or for an academic project.

You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. Get in touch to see when you can have your prototype in hand.

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