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Made-to-measure sports performance tracking

Integrate sensors into your wearables to stand above the competition. Create desirable wearables with data that shows how athletes move.

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Endless possibilities

Now athletes can have it both ways: a product that tracks everything they want and is comfortable to wear and use. Get inspired and create a sports tech wearable that they can’t resist.

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Track performance and biometrics

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Verify wearable fit and ergonomics

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Bounce back after an injury

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Send warnings if the user is pushing too far

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Monitor remotely

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Show how your device is being used

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Strength in numbers

Data-driven products that inspire

Today’s athlete wants to know how they’re doing over time. Give them the data that objectively tracks their performance with the metrics they need.

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person stepping on a square sensor grid
As strong as an athlete

Made for high-pressure environments

There’s no need to be fragile with our sensor grid. Our sensors and electronics are robust enough to withstand high-forces and are small enough to make it practical for athletes to use.

Flexibly designed, rigorously developed

Meets medical and data requirements

Our sendance-cloud is ISO-certified meaning you can rest assured when creating your platform.

many square sensor grids made by sendance
Scale-up ready

Suited to your production needs

Create a product for Olympic athletes, professionals or enthusiastic amateurs, or for people helping them, like physical therapists, sports therapists or fitness studios. sendance can meet your requirements. Start with a small-series or go immediately for a large batch.

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Fit for perfect
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Stays close, even on the move

Ensure accurate data entry on the go. Sensors that stay close to the skin, even if the user is stretching, bending or rotating.

person stretching out a piece of fabric with sensors embedded

Get inspired

Here are some exemplary wearables that you can use the sensor grid for in sports centers, sports clubs or for end-users.

icon of ski boot

Ski boot

icon of hand weight

Gym equipment

icon of golf club

Golf club grip

icon of bike seat

Bike seat

icon of running shoe

Running or cycling shoe

icon of hiking boot

Hiking boot

You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. Get in touch to see when you can have your prototype in hand.

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