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Objectively track orthotics and prosthetics performance

Integrate sensors into your wearables to get data that shows how patients move.

prosthetic arm with an illustration over the shaft to show the sensor grid
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Endless possibilities

Whether you need a device for O&P practitioners or are looking to permanently integrate into a wearable, our sensors are up for the job. Here’s some examples of how they can be used.

icon of puzzle piece

Verify device fit

icon of pencil drawing

Improve device design

icon of triangle, square and circle overlapping

Verify device functionality

icon of bandages

Track treatment progress

icon of warning symbol

Get a warning if something’s not right

icon of two overlapping line graphs

Show how your device is being used

abstract grid floating
Show, don’t tell
orange squiggly line

Visualize progress to patients

Don’t rely on telling patients they’re doing better; show them. Place sensors in the exact spots that show their improvement over time.

screenshot of sensor placement in an insole with pressure distribution
Flexibly designed, rigorously developed

Meets medical and data requirements

Our sendance-cloud is ISO-certified meaning you can rest assured when creating your platform.

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Scale-up ready
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Suited to your production needs

Create a product for O&P professionals, end-users, or even one-offs. sendance can meet your requirements. Start with a small-series or go straight for a large batch.‍

many square sensor grids made by sendance
sensor-enabled prosthetic shaft and orthotic insole, next to
Fit for perfect

Impeccable fit, even as a patient’s needs shift

Track the fit of your device, even as your patient changes. This way you can react quickly if the patients’ requirements adapt over time.

abstract grid floating
Lean in on feedback

Understand customers’ usage

Verify the device-fit, even if the patient is not able to express it themselves. Ideal for wearables for people with neuropathy or infants.

four insoles, from left to right: green with one large sendance logo on top, white with sensor grid showing, with white top, green with many small sendance logos

Get inspired

Here are some exemplary wearables that you can use the sensor grid for in O&P practices, clinics, rehab centers or end-users.

Icon of a helmet

Cranial helmet

Icon of a prosthetic shaft

Prosthetic socket

Icon of a glove

Scanning glove

Icon of a back brace

Scoliosis brace

Icon of an insole

Orthotic insoles

Icon of a scroll

Pressure mats/cushions

You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. Get in touch to see when you can have your prototype in hand.

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