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Track what you need for insightful R&D

Built for complex data to draw well-informed conclusions.

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Endless possibilities

Whether you need a device for an upcoming project or are looking to permanently integrate into a wearable, our sensors are up for the job. Here’s some examples of how they can be used.

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Track biometrics

Understand the behavior of different materials

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Monitor remotely

Measure closely to an interface

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Gather data for a study

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Build a prototype

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Made to measure

Simply track complex metrics

You’ve spent time developing your research methodology and now you want a product that can track your subjects without influencing the end result. If your project changes in the middle, our grid can change with it. The sendance-grid allows you to measure what you want, where you want so you can get the most accurate results.

screenshot of sensor pressure and graph of pressure distribution
Flexibly designed, rigorously developed

Meets medical and data requirements

Our sendance-cloud is ISO-certified meaning you can rest assured when creating your platform.

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Fit for perfect
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Stays close, even on the move

Ensure accurate data entry with sensors that move with your test subjects. Our sensors are made to be close to the skin, even if the user is stretching, bending or rotating.

person stretching out a piece of fabric with sensors embedded
many square sensor grids made by sendance
Scale-up ready

Suited to your production needs

Whether you need a series, one-offs, or even a series of personalized devices, we can create the volume you require.

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Data the way you want it

Get the raw sensor data and do numerical calculations the way you want.

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Get inspired

Here are some ways that you can use the sensor grid in R&D.

Icon of stethoscope

Predictive healthcare

Icon of a microscope

Clinical studies

Icon of profile of a person's face

Behavioral studies

Icon of a cube

Material research

Icon of a globe with a location tag


Icon of a person walking

Gait analysis

You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. Get in touch to see when you can have your prototype in hand.

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