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sendance-grid: stays in place, even in movement

Sensors that stay close to your users to give the most accurate data, even when stretching, bending and rotating.

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Work with us to bring your wearable to life

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many sendance grids and electronic output
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stack of sensor grids

Our grid is made to be put in tough places.

Work with our R&D team to add the sensor types you need, where you need them to create a custom grid unique to your product’s needs.

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Acceleration & Angular Velocity (IMU)
Fits in any form
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Many materials
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Skin compatible
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Meet multi-functional and integrate-able
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Measures many metrics and fits into many materials

In one sensor grid, you can get data on pressure, force, acceleration / angular velocity (IMU), temperature and more. And our grid can be integrated into many different materials: foam, 3D-printed materials, textiles, or whatever else you may need.

Sensor-embeded gloves and an insole
sendance grid embedded into an insole
Customization, get accustomed

Tailor-made is the standard

Upload your CAD design and work with us to get a unique sensor pattern. We work with you on the iteration rounds until you have the perfect match for your wearable.


Integrate into unlikely places

Our patented grids can integrate during the earliest prototype stage so you can start testing your product idea immediately and use the same exact design in production.

many square sensor grids made by sendance
Production ready
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Scale according to your needs

Our grids can go straight from prototyping to manufacturing. We scale according to your needs, whether that’s mass personalization or small- or large-series runs.

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Scale according to your needs


Biocompatible, skinsafe and up to 70% elastically stretchable material. The user is able to use the host-device in environments that are moist and reach temperatures of up to 80°C.


The fusion, whether single or multifaceted, of pressure, temperature, force, IMU and strain sensors in a single grid, with the prospect of further integrating sensors such as ECG, EMG and humidity.

Sensors integrated into the grid

Various degrees of grid customizations for sensors layout - from standard pre-defined till highly individualized setups.

Fast time-to-market when you co-create with our sensor experts.

Our background in engineering and science means we like details and are curious by nature. We like to get down to solve problems, whether that’s for a new product or for an academic project.

You’re very close to your first sensor grid

Get started quickly. Get in touch to see when you can have your prototype in hand.

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